Compiler Installation

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This page provides information about the installation of C/C++ compilers for Windows and MacOSX. Readers who are using Linux can skip this tutorial because the GNU libraries are pre-installed on Linux.

Windows Visual Studio Community 2017

On Windows, when Cutter compiles and links it does so by referencing a Microsoft Visual Studio file named vcvars64.bat located in this directory,

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\VC\Auxiliary\Build

The Cutter pref that must be set to point to the full path of .bat file is shown below.

Figure 1

Installing Windows Visual Studio Community 2017

Make sure the following options are selected.

Figure 2

Figure 3


On MacOSX, Cutter must have access the GNU development tools that are part of XCode. Therefore, XCode must be installed on the readers computer. Ideally, not the entire XCode development environment needs to be installed because it is almost 6GB in size! However, I have always performed a "full install" and cannot offer any advice on which XCode components to omit from the installation.


Linux has the GNU development tools preinstalled so their is nothing to set up because Cutter's prefs are pre-set with the correct paths and compilation flags.

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