Setting Up

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To run Cutter a resource called the "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) must be installed on your computer. A free download of the Java runtime environment (JRE) can be obtained from,

    Download - Java SE Runtime Environment 8

Make sure you download the JRE - not the JDK (Java Development Kit).

A script is required to "launch" Cutter. Download the one appropriate for your computer system. The "run" file must be saved in the same directory as Cutter.
        run.bat (Windows)
        run (Linux & MacOSX)
Edit the "run" script so that the paths for MAYA_USER_DIR and RMS_SCRIPT_PATHS are correct.

Step 1

Windows & MacOSX - download and install the JRE.
Linux - skip this step - the JRE is pre-installed.

Step 2

Windows, Linux & MacOSX - register with Pixar and then download their "Free Non-Commercial RenderMan".

Step 3

Windows, Linux & MacOSX - download and save cutter.jar in a location that is convenient to you. Most readers will find the following directory structure works well if they intend to use Pixar's RenderMan.

             |         |_ geo/
             |         |_ lights/
             |         |_ materials/
             |       |_ cutter.jar
             |       |_ run.bat OR run
             |_tiffs/   <<-- source images for textures go here

Step 4 - launching Cutter via the "run" file

Windows - to launch Cutter double click on the run.bat script.

Linux and Mac OSX - open a terminal window and "cd" to the directory containing the cutter.jar file and the run script. To add "execute" permission to the run script enter the following command - this only needs to be done once,

chmod 777 run

To launch Cutter using the run script enter the following command into the terminal window,


Additional information about customing Pixar's RenderMan for Maya (aka. RenderMan Studio) can be found here,
    RMS: Customizing

For an outline of Cutter's use of its own environment variables refer to

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