Whats New Version 4.0.1

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Cutter now uses a caching technique that greatly speeds up the display of popup help as well as the searching of MEL web pages using Cutters HTML Search Tool.

When using typing completion in a MEL script, Cutter now sorts the alternate "completions" into alphabetical order.

On Mac OSX you may have to launch Maya and view a web page using, Help->Mel Commands, BEFORE opening a MEL doc with Cutters internal browser.

Because this version uses a mel docs cache file you will have to quit and re-launch Cutter the first time you use the new version. This will ensure the directory "Cutter_Help" contains the new "unpacked" cache file.

HTML Search Tool
Double clicking + holding down the shift key on a search item now opens the document in IE (windows and osx) or mozilla (linux). Without the shift key Cutter displays a html document using its own internal browser.

MEL Scripting Bug
Regrettably, version 4.0.0 introduced a bug into the way that mel scripts were handled by Cutter. Saving a mel script would cause Cutter to strip all comments from the text file. This has been corrected.

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