Whats New Version 4.1.1

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Some extra work has been done to Cutter's undo/redo mechanism. To make undo/redo more stable, syntax coloration is turned OFF before either of these operations is applied to a document. Until I can find a better way of addressing the instability of combining syntax coloration and undo/redo I feel the temporary loss of syntax coloration during an undo or redo operation is acceptable.

Please note that saving a document forces the entire document to be re-colorized.

Help Menu
Assuming certain applications are available on a users computer and that the paths to the applications documentation directories are set correctly ie. in preferences, then additional items will be available under the help menu.

In the case of the Shake - Main Index item, Cutter uses the


path to write its own Shake commands reference index. This HTML index page is saved in the Cutter_Help/shake directory. Cutter writes its own index page because the Shake docs directory on OSX does not contain an index. On Windows and Linux versions of Shake such an index HTML page does exist!

Auto Opening an SL Source Code File
Version 4.1.0 introduced a feature to Cutter whereby a source code file for a shader could be accessed via the Rman Tools floating palette. This feature was "buggy" on Windows but has been fixed in this version of Cutter.

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