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No Cursor
A bug that caused the loss of the text cursor after a RenderMan system (locked) shader source code document had been opened has been fixed.

"function" popup
The operation of the "funcs" button has been improved. This button displays a list of functions, methods or procedures that are implemented within the text of the document. In the case of a HTML document Cutter considers local AREF's to be the equivalent of a "function".

The "funcs" button also searches the documents directory for scripts of the same type and displays the functions, methods or procedures that they implement - see figure 1.

Cutter now limits the number of documents that it will parse to 64 scripts. If there are more than 64 scripts a warning will be displayed in the popup menu - see figure 2.

figure 1

figure 2

MEL commands popup
The display of the flags of a MEL command has been greatly improved. Command caching was introduced in Cutter version 4.0.1. However, the cache did not include every MEL command. All 1067 commands, plus their 8717 flags, are now included in the cache. The popup also lists "Related Commands" - see figure 3.

The speed with which the popup menu for MEL typing-completion has also been improved - see figure 4. Both types of popup are actived by clicking on a word with the right mouse button (WIN, LINUX) or clicking on a word + the control key (OSX).

figure 3

figure 4

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