Whats New Version 4.2.2

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Escape Characters - Syntax Coloration
The mis-coloration of some escape sequences in TCL has been fixed.

Mel popup's now only use Maya version 6 documentation
Previous versions of Cutter would use a cached version of the Mel documentation appropriate to the users Maya preference ie. Maya 4.5, 5 or 6.

Because there were some omissions in the Cutters cache for Maya 4.5/5.0 the cache for those versions of Maya have been removed form Cutter. Instead, Cutter now only uses its Maya 6 Mel cache. This will reduce the size of Cutter.jar by 400Kb. However, it will mean that users who are scripting Maya 4.5 and 5 will have access to a few Mel commands that are, strickly speaking, only relevent to Maya 6. I don't think this will adversly effect many people.

Zipper Tool
The zipper tool now unzips files made with other zip tools.

figure 1

User Chooseable Web Browser
Users may now choose their preferred web browser. The browser will be opended when executing (alt+e or control+e) a html document or when double clicking (plus holding down the shift key) a word in a TCL, RIB or MEL document.

figure 2

Executing Windows-Dos Commands
Previous versions of Cutter have always attempted to "execute" a selected block of text when the user selected the Script menu item or when the keyboard shortcut alt+e or control+e was used. The results of the "execution" are displayed in the Process Monitor window.

On the Windows platform previous versions of Cutter would not execute DOS commands. For example, on Linux or OSX executing the text "ls" generates a directory listing being displayed in the Process Monitor window. Now the same functionality is available on windows when "dir" is executed - figure 4. Cutter will now execute all the standard DOS commands.

figure 3

figure 4

Support for the Pixie Renderer
When using the Pixie renderer RIB files generated by Rman Tools (figure 5) now insert a path to the framebuffer (figure 6).

figure 6

figure 5

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