Whats New - Version 4.2.3

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html - find headings
For HTML documents the procedures popup button now finds text that is tagged as a

heading ie. <H3> (figure 1)
or as a
name anchor ie. <A NAME="objname"> (figure 2)

figure 2

figure 1

delayed reading of shaders
To reduce Cutters launch time the reading of RenderMan shaders is deferred until the RmanTools floating palette is opened. A dialog window (figure 3) tracks the shader loading process.

figure 3

delayed reading of MEL commands cache
To reduce Cutters launch time the reading of the MEL commands cache is deferred until a MEL document is opened or created. A dialog window (figure 4) tracks the loading process.

figure 4

tk & wish
Executing (control+e or alt+e) documents with a ".tcl" file extension now causes Cutter to check the first 8 lines of text before invoking the appropriate interpreter. If the word wish is found on any of those lines the script will be executed using wish rather than tclsh - figure 5.

figure 5

expanded syntax coloration of TCL
Syntax coloration for functions in these packages is now supported,

  • TclCmd
  • TclLib
  • TkCmd
  • TkLib

Because the html documentation for these commands is now part of the Cutter.jar file its download size has increased from 3.7MB to 4.5MB.

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