Whats New - Version 4.2.5

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A bug that some times caused the Save dialog window to prompt the user to save a document using the wrong name has been fixed.

QuickTime movie files
On Windows and MacOSX hiliting and executing (control + e, alt + e or apple + e) the path to a QuickTime movie will cause the movie to be displayed in Apple's QuickTime Player application - figure 1.


figure 1

Path to Shake
A bug in the Preferences dialog window that prevented the path to the Shake Directory from being saved has been fixed - figure 2.

figure 2

Keyframe Rib & Shake
When creating a keyframe rib file (figure 3) Cutter now inserts references to two Shake scripts that it writes. For example, at the top of a keyframe (.key) file you will now find text similiar to that shown below.

# Execute the next line to view the animation 
# in a Shake window
# -> shake -script /Users/mk/Documents/untitled_toShake.shk

# or execute the next line to save the animation
# as a QuickTime movie
# -> shake -script /Users/mk/Documents/untitled_toQuickTime.shk

# To learn more about converting tiffs to a QuickTime movie
# execute the next command (alt + e)
# -> http://fundza.com/shake/shake1/shake1.html

The automatic generation of the two Shake scripts and the opportunity to execute them from a keyfame document is only available on Windows. On MacOSX and Linux the second Shake script is not generated. To execute, say, the first script, hilite it and choose alt + e, control + e or apple + e.

figure 2

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