Whats New - Version 4.4.0

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Cutter templates menu for Linux
Under Linux the menu item "Templates" now displays all the available cutrXXXX templates. Previous versions of Cutter did not handle templates correctly when operating on Linux.

Perl / TCL - command line arguments
Command line arguements can now be passed to perl and TCL scripts when executing them in Cutter (alt+e or control+e) by an ARGS "statement" within a comment. For example,

# ARGS "item1 item2"

Data contained within the quoted string following the "special" comment tag ARGS is read by Cutter and is passed to the script as if the script had been invoked from the command line. The ARGS comment can occur on any of the first 16 lines of text. When running a script from Cutter the first commented line #!/usr/bin/perl can be omitted.

Converting RSL to a Slim
Please refer to Cutter - Automatic Conversion of Shaders and RSL Functions to Slim Files for a full account of Cutter and slim.

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