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Work-around Maya 6.5 / 7.0
With the introduction of Maya 6.5 it appears there has been a change to the way that Maya listens to a port that has been opened with the MEL command,

commandPort -n ":_some_port_number";

The problem (bug!) effects the way that Maya handles text that contains open curly braces and/or close curly braces. For example, if a MEL script contains this line of code,


... the script will be properly handled by Maya when using Cutter's Maya "mode" - see opposite. However, if the script implements a proc, such as,

global proc makeSphere()

... the following errors are reported in Maya's script window,

// Error: global proc makeSphere(); //
// Error: Syntax error //
// Error:  //
// Error: Syntax error //
// Error: }; //
// Error: Syntax error //

It appears to me the open curly brace is "lost" or filtered by Maya. As a "work-around", Cutter 4.4.5 does not send a MEL script directly to Maya but, instead, writes the contents of the script to a temporary file called "temp.mel". What is sent to Maya is a source statement that references the "temp.mel" file. For example, suppose you are editing a script located at,


If you use the "Send MEL" button (or the keyboard shortcut "alt+e" or "control+e") Cutter will copy the script, or the part of the script that is hilited, to "temp.mel". After creating this temporary file Cutter will send this statement to Maya

source "G:/mel/test.mel";

Without knowing more about Maya's new undocumented "we-don't-like-braces" feature I am unable to offer another solution.

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