Whats New - Version 4.4.9

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Installation of Help Files
Previous versions of Cutter could appear to stall the computer as the Help files were unzipped. When Cutter is launched for the first time or a new version is launched a progress dialog box appears - figure 1.

fig 1

File Size Warning
Initially Cutter was designed to open small to moderately large text files because I assumed that syntax coloration would always be applied. Unfortunately, Java seems to consume large amounts of memory when displaying, say a 0.75MB, document in a Swing component called a JTextPane. Currently, all text documents in Cutter are displayed using this type of Java Swing component. There does not seem to be a convenient way of stopping the imaging process undertaken by JTextPane in the event of low memory.

The dialog shown in figure 2 is designed to warn of the dangers of attempting to open a large text file. Later versions of Cutter will attempt to lift this restriction.

fig 2

More Information Buttons
The majority of panels seen in Cutters GUI now have information buttons that provide details about the use of a specific part of the interface, for example, figure 3.

A bug that specified the wrong protocol to the firefox browser has been corrected.

fig 3

Document & Cursor Colors
New in this version is the facility of being able to set the background color of a text document. In previous versions I had assumed that users would always want a white document. Also provided is control over the cursor and text selection colors - figure 4.

A "Global Change" panel (fig 3) has also been added so that three most common syntax coloration (keyword) types can be set quickly.

fig 4

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