Whats New - Version 5.0.0

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Mental Ray
The most important new feature of Cutter is its ability to handle Mental Ray. A full explanation can be found at Integration with mental ray

Other Issues
This version of Cutter includes very many general "clean-ups" of its code base.

  • fast lookup of python documentation - control+double click
  • open a wide variety of graphics files via a popup menu - right
        mouse click (control+click OSX). Cutter uses Shake to preview
  • the names of user templates are displayed in italic text,
  • bugs in Rman Tool->Shaders->Preview Appearance/Template
        have been removed,
  • the functionality and appearance of the process monitor window
        has been improved

There still remains several issues that hopefully will be resolved in the near future.

  • undo is still buggy,
  • files larger than 0.75MB cannot be opened,
  • windows close too slowly.

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