Whats New - Version 5.5.5

22 Jan 2009

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Python Scripting for Maya

Python scripts that make calls to Mel can now be executed via a Maya command port in the same way as regular Mel scripts.

Python and Triple Quotes

A bug that caused triple quoted text to be colorized as a comment has been fixed.

Barebones Docs for Slim Templates

A new set of Slim templates have been added to the Templates->Slim menu.

KeyFraming and Procedurals

A keyframe document containing a Procedural, such as,
    Procedural "RunProgram"
    ["/usr/bin/python PATH/helperName.py" "1.0"]

would generate a mangled output statement when rendered, for example, the rib shown above would become,
    Procedural "RunProgram"

This bug has been fixed.

Convert to Brickmap

When the user selects the name of a Pixar .ptc pointcloud the popup menu activated by a right mouse click, or control click, now gives the option to convert the ptc file to a brickmap (.bkm). The brickmap will be saved in the same directory as the pointcloud.

RenderMan Shadow Maps

A bug that prevented Cutter from generating a shadow pass when a rib file began with white space character has been corrected. See,
    depthmap shadows

Double Click Selections

An annoying bug on Windows that caused a double click selection of a word to "jump" to the left has been fixed.

Pasting White Space

A bug that prevented a copy consisting only of white space characters from being pasted has been fixed.

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