Whats New - Version 6.1.3

22 March 2011

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Compiling .sl & slim appearances

If the "emit slim doc" is checked (figure 1) Cutter will attempt to write a slim appearance file for the .sl shader being compiled. Previous versions of Cutter would put some header information in the slim file. For example, in the case of a displacement shader it would add an attribute parameter block of the following form.

    attribute float displacementbound {
       default 0
       range {0 1000 .005}
       subtype vslider
       label {Displacement Bound}
       description { }

Unfortunately, while the "Displacement Bound" attribute shows in Maya's Hypershade editor a bug in Pixar's RenderMan Studio version 3 prevents the value of the attribute from being assigned correctly in the rib stream. Until they fix the bug the attributes that Cutter would ordinarily assign to a slim file have been disabled.

Figure 1

For more information about Cutter and Slim refer to the tutorial "Cutter:Automatic Conversion of Shaders and RSL Functions to Slim Files".

Pixar's sho, .dtex and .rat files

Right mouse button clicking on a file name ending with .dtex (Pixar's RMS) and .rat (Side Effects Houdini) will be recognized by Cutter as files that can be opened by Pixar's sho.

Figure 2

Locations pointcloud, brickmap and photon maps

The Rman->User->User Paths & Options has been extended to include the locations where pointclouds, brickmaps and photonmaps should be saved when rendering rib files.

Figure 3

Rib - User Option

Rib files can be rendered in "chains". For example,
      prman a.rib main.rib
A custom user option can be used to tell Cutter that it should specify two ribs for rendering. For example,

    Option "user" "string preamble" ["a.rib"]

However, the preamble rib (a.rib) will only be specified if it exists.

Text Area for HTML

A text area item has been added to the popup menu for HTML documents.

Figure 4

The item inserts a simple textarea tag ie.

    <textarea rows="20" cols="95" wrap="off" readonly>

Bug Fix - Compiling a Houdini VOP node

When compiling a shader written in the Vfl shading language Cutter looks for the word "vop" or "vops" in the header comment of the document. If either keyword is present, Cutter sets flags that will direct the vcc compiler to build a vops node rather than a "regular" vex shader. A bug that prevented Cutter from reliably finding those keywords has been fixed. For more information refer to "Houdini - compiling a VOP".

Bug Fix - Houdini Bin Path

A bug that prevented the Preferences Tool from saving the (Languages->Vfl) "Houdini Bin Path" has been fixed.

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