Whats New - Version 6.2.0

1 April 2012

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Python - execute slection

The ability to execute a block of selected python code has been disabled. Unlike other scripting environments, such as Mel, it only makes sense for an entire python script to be executed by the keyboard shortcut Alt+e, Control+e or Apple+e.

Python - replacing spaces by tabs

When editing a python script for the first time Cutter offers the user an opportunity to replace groups of 4 spaces with tabs. Such replacements now only effect leading spaces rather than spaces found anywhere on each line of code.

Rman/RiMel Scripting

The ability of Cutter to assist in the writing of Rman-RiMel scripts has been improved. Cutter now automatically generates code that will enable a pre-shape Mel script to be assigned to "Geometric Settings" panel of the "RenderMan Controls" window. The tutorial "Cutter: Rman & RiMel Scripting" has been updated to explain the changes.

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