Whats New - Version 6.8.2

Feb 21 2015

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RixPattern Programming

Several improvememnts have been made to the pre-visualization of an .args file using the keyboard shortcut alt, control or Apple + e. For example, a parameter of type "color" will have its default RGB values displayed properly when displayed in a browser. More importantly, however, parameters of type "string" are now handled correctly when Cutter generates a .cpp file from an .args document.

A "manifold" item has been added to the .args popup menu.

Cutter adds the appropriate declarations to the .cpp file it generates as well as the following code within the body of the ComputeOutputParams() method.

    // Prepare to read 'st' texture values from a connected manifold 
    // or from a 'st' primitive variable. 
    RixSCConnectionInfo cinfo;
    RixSCType type;
    RtPoint3 const *Q;
    RtFloat2 const *st, st_default(0,0);
    // Only if the manifold is connected can its Q[i].x and Q[i].y
    // texture coordinates be used.
    ctx->GetParamInfo(k_manifold, &type, &cinfo);
    if(cinfo == k_RixSCNetworkValue) 
        ctx->EvalParam(k_manifoldQ, -1, &Q);
        ctx->GetPrimVar("st", st_default, &st);
    bool    isConnected = (cinfo == k_RixSCNetworkValue) ? true : false;
    int        row, col;
    float    s, t;
    // Assign values to the output(s).
    for(int i = 0; i < ctx->numPts; i++) {
        s = (isConnected) ? Q[i].x : st[i].x;
        t = (isConnected) ? Q[i].y : st[i].y;
        row = int(t);
        col = int(s);
        s = s - col;
        t = t - row;
        // User code goes here...

Support for Shake has been dropped.

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