Whats New - Version 6.8.6

Mar 12 2015

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Scripting RixPattern Plugins

A number of improvements have been made to the way that Cutter handles .args documents. The accuracy of the preview of an args UI has been greatly improved. For example, figures 1 & 2 show a side-by-side comparisons of Pixar's PxrNormalMap node as seen in Maya's Attribute Editor and as previewed in a web browser. Previewing the UI of args document is done using the keyboard shortcut Alt+e, Control+e or Apple+e.

Figure 1
PxrNormalMap plugin as seen in Maya.

Figure 2
PxrNormalMap.args as previewed in a browser.

Previews are best seen using the Chrome browser.

Figure 3

Cutter's (RixPattern) code generater has also been improved. C++ code is generated from a .args document using the (right mouse click) popup menu.

Figure 4

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