Whats New - Version 6.9.4

June 23 2015

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Pixar Docs Lookup

Cutter's ability to lookup Pixar documentation has been greatly improved. For example, when editing a rib file Command + double clicking on a rib statement such as Option will open the relevant Pixar documentation in the users preferred browser. The following two preferences must be set.

Figure 1
Specifying a browser

Figure 2
Specifying Pixar's Docs home page

The URL for Pixar's documentation is,


For release 20 of RenderMan the URL will probably be,


Rman Preferences

The tabs and panels for setting up the preferences that relate to the use of Pixar's RenderManProServer have been reorganized. Now that Pixar have made both RenderManProServer and RenderMan Studio free for non-commercial use it is assumed that most artists will use their rendering system rather than another vendor.

If you are using Pixar's products the "Other Vendors" tab can be ignored. Only the RPS and RMS root paths must be specifed.

Figure 3
Specifying Pixar's Applications directories

For example, on MacOSX the paths for version 19 and Maya2016 are,


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