Whats New - Version 6.9.5

July 11 2015

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RenderMan 20

The following features assume that RenderMan version 20 is being used by Cutter.

Figure 1

Ribs generated from the,
    Rman Tool->Docs->Beauty Pass->RIS Shading
menu now reference the new PxrStdAreaLight shader. The Plugins menu has the following additional items "DayLight", "MayaPatterns" and "RIS Shaders".

Figure 2


To handle the possibility that Pixar's documentation web pages will use the .php file extension instead of the current .html an additional preference has been added to the "Pixar" prefeneces tab.

Figure 3

RMS Rib Rendering

When debugging a scene it is often useful to use Cutter to render a RMS beauty pass rib. Most often such ribs will use the "openexr" display driver and as such it is necessary to manually change "openexr" to "it" before rendering the rib. This edit can automatically be done by Cutter if the Replace "openexr" with "it" preference is set.

Figure 4

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