Whats New - Version 7.2.6

Feb 7 2016

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Slate Theme

A monochrome look and feel has been introduced to Cutter. It can be activated (after a restart) using the Preferences Tool (Edit->Show Preferences).

Figure 1

Features Related to RIS Rib Files

A RIS rib may now be keyframed - refer to "Cutter: Key Framing".

Figure 2

A RIS rib for testing an Osl shader may now be generated using the (right mouse click) popup menu. However, the option will only be avaiable if the shader has been compiled.

Figure 3

OSL Shader Duplication

Sometimes it is useful to duplicate a shader. The Rman Tool->Options->Shading tab now has the panel shown below. Clicking the "dest" checkbox will open a open file dialog window that will enable the destination folder to be selected. A few seconds after a shader has been compiled the Process Monitor will confirm a copy of the shader has been copied to the "duplication destination" directory.

Figure 4

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