Whats New - Version 7.4.9

July 15 2016

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Args Popup Menu

When adding param blocks to a .args file Cutter now inserts them in multi-line format, for example, a (int) checkbox.

Figure 1

    <param name="CPP_NAME"
            <tag value="int"/>

Args Procs Menu

The procs button ({}) now displays a list of the parameter names prefixed with the name of their host page (panel) names. For example.

Figure 2

Osl Popup Menu

The (right mouse button) popup menu for .osl documents is now context sensitive. When activated in the parameter declarations block the following options are available.

Figure 3

If the cursor is positioned within a metadata block ie. between opening and closing square brackets, [[ ]], metadata hints can be conveniently inserted. For example, in figure 3 if "Label" had been chosen the following metadata would have been inserted.

    float frequency = 5 
        string label = "Your Label",
    float variation = 1,

If the popup is activated within the body of the shader the following options are available.

Figure 4

The Create... Args Script menu item offers a convenient way of creating an .args file that defines the equivalent UI. For example, the osl shown on the left would generate the args on right.

Figure 5

    float s = 0 [[
                string widget = "null",
                int lockgeom = 0
    float t = 0 [[
                string widget = "null",
                int lockgeom = 0
    color patcolor = color(1,1,0)
                string label = "Pattern Color",
    output color resultRGB = 0
<args format="1.0">
        <tag value="pattern"/>
        No Description Available.
        <param name="patcolor"
            label="Pattern Color"
            type="color" default="1 1 0" 
                <tag value="color"/>
        <output name="resultRGB"
                <tag value="color"/>
    <rfmdata nodeid="1" classification="rendernode/RenderMan/pattern"/>

HyperShade Node Ids

The Rman User Panel now expects a min and max node id values. These are used when Cutter assigns nodeids.

Figure 6

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