Whats New - Version 7.5.4

September 7 2016

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Pixar Documentation

The Help menu now has two links to Pixar's documentation. The first links to the latest documentation at,
The second links to the older (version 20) documentation at,

Functions Dropdown Menu

Improvements have been made to the way the functions downdown menu parses C++ documents.

Figure 1

Plugin Duplication

Although the main prefs window (figure 2) enables users to select the directory into which their DSOs will be saved when they develop Pixar plugins, see
    "Pixar's Devkit: Cutter's Devkit Authoring Environment"
it is now possible to nominate another directory (figure 3) where duplicates of the built DSOs will be saved.

Figure 2

Figure 3

Confirmation of the duplication will be shown in the Process Monitor when a plugin is built.

Figure 4

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