Whats New - Version 7.8.5

April 25 2018

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Light Path Expression (LPE) Reader

In addition to using the LPE Reader Tool with .lpe documents it can now be used directly with a rib file.

figure 1

OSL Preferences

All the OSL preferences are now in one place within the Preferences Tool->Languages tab.

figure 2

OSL Arnold

A threading issue that would occasionally cause Cutter NOT to automatically create a .mtd file when compiling a shader for Arnold has been fixed.

figure 3

Disney Expression Language Builtin Variables

The list of builtin variables available via the popup when editing a .see document now conforms to the information contained in the Pixar document "PxrSeExpr". Refer to the tutorial "PxrSeExpr Node Scripting" for more information about Cutter and the PxrSeExpr node.

figure 4

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