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June 18 2020

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HTML: Auto Correction of Upper/Lower Case Image Names

When writing and testing a web page using Windows or MacOSX it is easy to forget the significance of upper and lower case letters in the names of image files. For example,
       <IMG SRC="prefs.png" ALT="">
this image link will not fail even if the name of the jpeg image file is spelled,
However, if the webpage, and the image files that it references, are uploaded to a webserver the image link show above will break if the server is using Linux because this operating system uses a file system that is case sensitive.

Cutter can now fix upper/lower case discrepancies either manually using the popup menu.

Figure 1

Or, Cutter can quietly fix the image links when a html documenent is executed using the keyboard shortcuts Alt + e or Command + e. Automatic editing can be turned off from the Preferences Tool (Edit->Show Preferences).

Figure 2

Execute Permissions - Linux and OSX

When Cutter opens a file on Linux and OSX it now checks it's file permissions. If the file had executable permissions when it is saved by Cutter its permissions will be restored.

Execute permissions can be assigned to a document by right mouse clicking the path text field.

Figure 3

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