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    RifPlugin Mesh2Blobby_Rif.cpp as html.


The rif plugin presented by this tutorial is intended to demonstrate a few techniques the reader might find useful when developing their own plugins. The Mesh2Blobby_Rif plugin enables one or more polymesh surfaces, with or without a "subdiv scheme", to be converted to Blobbies at render-time. For example, figure 1 shows a Maya scene consisting of a distorted poly cube and a truncated poly sphere. Figure 2 shows the objects rendered (occlusion) with and without blobby conversion.

Figure 1 - basic mesh geometries

Figure 2 - Rollover without and with the rif.

Compiling the Rif

Follow the instructions presented in "Cutter: Compiling and Building Plugins"

Applying the Rif in Maya

Figure 3 - assigning the rif in Maya

Tagging a Mesh to be Rendered as a Blobby

1   Select a polymesh object and go to it's shape tab in the Attributes Editor.
2   From the Attributes menu choose RenderMan->Manage Attributes...

Figure 4

3   Add a Pre-Shape MEL attribute.

Figure 5

4   Copy and paste the following RiMel command.
        RiAttribute("user", "float[2] _blob_range", 0.1, 0.4);
    Edit the values of 0.1 and 0.4 to your preferred min and max blob sizes.

Figure 6

5     Render the scene.

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