Customized RfM Settings

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When the RenderMan for Maya (RfM) plugin is loaded by Maya it establishes its internal state based on the factory settings it finds in,
    $RMSTREE/etc/RenderMan_for_Maya.ini and,

If the user's Maya.env file sets the RMS_SCRIPT_PATHS environment variable to a users directory, such as,
customized copies of RenderMan_for_Maya.ini and RMS.ini, stored in RfM_ini (the name is arbitary), will override the factory settings.

A further level of customization, on a project-by-project basis, is possible by saving a file named RMSworkspace.ws in the current Maya project directory. For example, suppose the default use of RenderMan Look Files (RLF) and RIB-in-zip need to be deactivated for a project the RMSworkspace.ws file should have the following lines of text,
    SetPref DisableCacheInZip 1
    SetPref DisableRifShaderAttachment 1

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