Custom Slim Preview

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This tutorial provides some notes on how to set Slim's preferences so that a preview render references an archive rib. For example, figure 1 shows the regular preview while figure 2 shows a custom render.

Figure 1

Figure 2


Open the Slim preferences->Preview window and enter the following command in the Renderer field.

    $RMANTREE/bin/prman %f

If you are using Windows enter this command (note the use of quotations).

    "$RMANTREE/bin/prman" %f

Figure 3

In the Slim preferences->Object window specify the path to the rib archive file that you wish to use for previewing.

Figure 4

RMANTREE Environment Variable

If Slim cannot resolve the value the RMANTREE variable the full path to the bin can be specified, for example, on MacOSX,

/Applications/Pixar/RenderMan.app/Versions/RenderManProServer-15.2/bin/prman %f

Alternative, the variable can be specified in the users users Maya.env file ie.


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