Rendering on the Farm using a DSO compiled on Linux

_______ Building a DSO ____________________________
1	Make a folder and name it "src_code". Copy your source code file 
	or files into the folder. For example,
2	Copy the folder to your dropbox. Wait a minute and a file named 
	"" will replace the original "src_code" folder.
3	Download the zip file and extract its contents. For example,

	If the build has been successful you will see a DSO with the .so 
	file extension. If unsuccessful open the Build_Info.txt text file 
	and check for errors.

_______ Preparing for Farm Rendering _______________
1	Copy or move the DSO, say, to your project 
	directory. For example,
2	Download addPythonPath.mel and copy or move the script to 
	your project's "scripts" directory. For example,
3	Copy the python script that you used in the RenderManProcedural 
	node from the rfm_scripts/python directory to the "scripts" 
	directory. For example,

4	In Maya go to the RenderManProcedural and for the "DSO Name" make 
	sure the path uses the special RenderMan token <ws>.
	For example,

	Make sure you have changed the file extension from .dll to .so
5	In Maya go to Render Setting and scroll down to "Render Options".
	In the "Pre render MEL:" text field enter,

6	Copy the project directory to the farm and render.