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The plugins presented in the Mesh2Blobby and Blobby2Volume tutorials are used in this tutorial to show how several rifplugins can alter the appearance of the geometry in a scene. The Maya scene shown below consists of two polymesh Soccer Balls, one of which has been assigned the RenderMan "Subdiv Scheme", and a sub divided poly cube.

Figure 1 Basic Maya Scene

Figure 2 - After rif'ing with Mesh2Blobby.so and Blobby2Volume.so

Using RfM

Add the rifs to the list maintained by the Ri Filters panel. The order in which the rifs are specified determines the order in which they will be applied.

Figure 3

Using Cutter

To test multiple rifs using Cutter's Rif Tool, first generate a beauty pass rib using RfM or Houdini. However, when generating a rib with RfM make sure the,
    Advanced Tab->Ri Filters->Enable Rifs
checkbox is NOT selected.

Add the rifs to the Rif Tool and use the up/down buttons to ensure the rifs are applied in the correct order. The rif at the top of the list, Mesh2Blobby, will be the first to be processed by PRMan.

Figure 4

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