Whats New - Version 6.4.3

November 25 2012

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Compiling RSL Generated by Slim

When a shading network in Slim is compiled a .sl file is saved in the following location,
In addition to containing very complex RSL source code they also make extensive use of additional header files. When compiling .sl files derived from Slim Cutter recognizes such files by the following compiler directive,
      #define SLIM_VERSION 1000
Cutter specifies additional include directories, for example,

-I/PATH_TO_RPS_INSTALLATION/lib/shaders          <- normals.h & materials.h
-I/PATH_TO_RPS_INSTALLATION/lib/rsl/include      <- stdrsl headers for plausible shaders
-I/PATH_TO_RPS_INSTALLATION/lib/examples/volumes <- patterns.h. noises.h, filterwidth.h & cloud.h


-I/PATH_TO_PREFERENCES_SHADER_SOURCE_DIRECTORY   <- refer to "user directories"
-I/PATH_TO_CURRENT_SHADER_SOURCE_DIRECTORY       <- headers in the same directory as the src file

Rman Tool-QLinks

The links to selected Pixar documentation has been enlarged and re-organized.

Figure 1

The links will be enabled only if the user has Pixar's documentation installed and their paths have been set - figure 2.

Figure 2

RLF - Payload Listing

Clicking on the "procs" button when a RenderMan Look File is open on Cutter's desktop now displays a list of the payloads implemented by the document. Selecting the name of a payload will "jump" the cursor to the start of the payload.

Figure 1

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