Whats New - Version 6.5.6

Aug 27 2013

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HyperShade Node Scripts

Because of the importance of specifying a unique identification number for custom hypershade nodes, Cutter now hilites the "rfm_nodeid" text when it converts a RSL function - see HyperShade Node Scripts for more details.

RenderMan XML Statistics

Right mouse clicking on the path to a xml statistics file, figure 1, will now cause Cutter to open the statistics file in a browser - figure 2.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Block Hiliting

Some annoying bugs with the hiliting of { }, < > and ( ) have been removed.

RenderMan Documentation

The preferences tool "RenderMan documentation" panel has been removed. RenderMan Pro-Server and RenderMan Studio documentation is now publicly available on the Pixar website.

Parsing SL and .H files

Some bugs with the way that Cutter parses shader and function parameters/args have been removed.

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