Whats New - Version 6.6.0

March 30 2014

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Connecting to Maya

Cutter can now receive output FROM Maya when it is connected on a port - see Integration with Mel. To establish two way communication use the following MEL command when opening a Maya port,
    commandPort -eo -n ":2222";
Of course, any port number higher than 1024 can be specified. Be aware, however, that Cutter will echo all Maya output that that includes output generated as a result of running commands directly from Maya's script editor.

When editing a Maya python script remember the script must be located in one of Maya's python directories. Maya MEL scripts can be in any location. Reports of errors and warnings from sending a python script to Maya, unfortunately, do not refer to the line numbers that triggered the error/warning.

Rif Tool

Rifs written using the C++ RifPlugin API can now be conveniently tested using a new Rif Tool. Refer to,
    C++ RifPlugins: Developing and Testing a Rif

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