Whats New - Version 6.9.0

May 20 2015

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Rib to TCL + MEL

A couple of bugs have been removed from the way that Cutter generates a TCL script from a rib file. See "OSL RIB Box + TCL Hack" for more information about circumventing the incomplete implementation of Pixar's PxrOSL node for RIS rendering.

Converting a RSL function to a (rslt) HyperShade Node

To make it easier for custom HyperShade node scripts ((Reyes rendering) to be used on different operating systems Cutter now creates (rslt) HyperShade node scripts with the following "RSLInclude" path.

    RSLInclude "[file join [GetEnv RMS_HYPERSHADE_DIR] NODENAME.h]"

However, this will work only if the custom environment variable named RMS_HYPERSHADE_DIR has a valid path. Refer to the tutorial "RMS: Customizing" for details about setting up scripts that will ensure the variable is set correctly.

Alternatively, if the readers rslt nodes will only be used on a single operating system the "RSLInclude" path can be given an explicit path. For example,

    RSLInclude "C:My Documents/maya/projects/RMS_HyperShade/NODENAME.h"

For detailed instructions on converting a RSL function to a HyperShade node refer to "Cutter: HyperShade Node Scripts".

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