Whats New - Version 7.0.3

October 3 2015

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General Bug Fixes

A bug that would cause Cutter to hang when attempting to open a Pixar webpage has been fixed.

When generating a RIS style rib for testing a OSL shader the "@" character now appears at the end of the path for,
    Option "searchpath" "shader" "path:path:path:@" This to enable Cutter to use slightly modified versions of PxrStdAreaLight, PxrStdEnvDayLight and PxrStdEnvMapLight shaders. For example, refer to the tutorial "RIS:Shading - EnvLight".

The Undo/Redo code has been modified in the hope that it will perform properly!

A bug that would cause Cutter to freeze when a new version is opened for the first time AND a .mel doc was open on the desktop has been fixed.

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