VSFX 319
Programming Models & Shaders I

15 September 2017

Current Student Work

Mon/Wed 08am
Tue/Thu 11am

Previous Student Work

Portfolio's fall 2001 to spring 2017


Syllabus Group 1
Syllabus Group 2
CG References & Tutorials
Maintaining a web portfolio
Separating shape from shading


Debugging and Optimization
Pixar RenderMan Community
Facebook - RenderMan World
Rendering - Path Tracing
Rendering - Unbiased
Computer Graphics - Mathematical First Steps
CG - Key Mathematics

Mudbox, Ptex and RenderMan

Ptex Use In Mudbox 2013 by Neil Blevins
Using Ptex Maps by Pixar

Pixar Related Resources

Pixar's 2017 RenderMan Showreel
Pixar's 2016 RenderMan Showreel
RenderMan Community
RIS Educational Series
    by Christos Obretenov.

Other Links

algorithmic arts
hosuk chang - student site
hosuk chang - professional site
demo reels & lighting by andrew whitehurst