VSFX 319
Programming Models & Shaders I

5 Oct 2018

Current Student Work

Mon/Wed  8am
Tue/Thu  11am

Selected Current Works

Abigail Love
Mason Brahney

Previous Student Work

Portfolio's fall 2001 to spring 2018


Syllabus - group 1
Syllabus - group 2
CG References & Tutorials
Maintaining a web portfolio
Separating shape from shading


Rendering - Path Tracing
Rendering - Unbiased
Computer Graphics - Mathematical First Steps
CG - Key Mathematics

Mudbox, Ptex and RenderMan

Ptex Use In Mudbox 2013 by Neil Blevins

Pixar Related Resources

Art Direction for Rendering Speed
Pixar's 2016 RenderMan Showreel
RenderMan Community
Facebook - RenderMan World
RIS Educational Series
    by Christos Obretenov.
Debugging and Optimization

Other Links

Inside Framestore's Paddington 2 pop-up-book
Algorithmic Arts
Hosuk Chang - student site
Hosuk Chang - professional site
Demo Reels & Lighting by Andrew Whitehurst