Procedural 3D & Shader Programming

25 Sept 2017



Recommended Books & Papers

Guru99: Python Tutorial for Beginners
CG - Mathematical First Steps
CG - Key Mathematics
Physically Based Rendering by Matt Pharr et al
Texturing & Modeling by David Ebert et al
Research Papers: Computer Graphics Group
    - University of Bern

Other Links

Hosuk Chang [Pixar]
    - student portfolio
    - professional work-in-progress

Ziye Liu [Microsoft - “Senior Visual Designer” for the Surface Team]
    - Themes & Variations - MFA Film
    - 502 <    - 755
"Citius, Altius, Fortius" by Felix Deimann
Elastic Studio
Aiko Studio

Mudbox Ptex

Emily Overfelt
Mark McKinsey
Rattanin Sirinaruemarn
Pixar, Mudbox & ptex

Selected Works




Other Texts

Pixar's 2016 RenderMan Showreel
Debugging and Optimization
SIGGRAPH 2016 Course: Physically Based Shading
Towards Bidirectional Path Tracing at Pixar
Pixar RenderMan Community
Pixar's RenderMan University
Facebook - RenderMan World
Rendering - Path Tracing
Rendering - Unbiased
Multiflash "Lens" by Patrik Hadorn
Rman Notes by Steve May