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When the SaveAll.py script is used by Pixar's Image Tool is saves the images in the users "home" directory. For exmaple,

Figure 1

A script called ffmpeg (OSX and Linux) or ffmpeg.bat (Windows) is also saved. If ffmpeg has been installed then double clicking the script will very quickly create a .mp4 movie. Detailed information about FFmpeg can be found here.

Cutter also has a few useful ffmpeg scripts available from it's Templates menu.

Figure 2

Installing ffmeg on Windows

Downloads for Window can be obtained from,

Installing ffmeg on OSX

Follow the instructions given Paul Kenjora on this page "Installing ffmpeg on Mac OS X" The installation is a two part process.

Firstly, a resource called HomeBrew must be installed. Open a terminal and enter this command,

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install.sh)"

Installing Homebrew is a lengthy process so be patient and wait. The title bar of the terminal window will provide information about the status of the installation. The installation will be complete ONLY when this message is seen in the terminal.

Figure 3

If an error occurs such as "Note: install requested for command line developer tools” the command line tools can be downloaded manually from,

The second step is to install ffmeg. Copy this command into a terminal.

brew install ffmpeg

Again, be patient until the installation is complete. The installation will be complete ONLY when this message is seen in the terminal.

Figure 4

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