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April 1 2016

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Args nodeid Registration

This version of Cutter is able to automatically register the nodeid of a plugin with the users custom RenderMan_for_Maya.ini. However, to do so Cutter's "User" refs must be set - figure 1.

For example, if the reader has followed the recommendations of the tutorial "RfM: Customizing" the paths would be those shown on the right.

Figure 1

osl source
osl shaders

Args dir
Plugins dir
RfM.ini path

To use the auto-registration feature of Cutter right mouse click on the .args file whose nodeid is to be added to the RenderMan_for_Maya.ini - figure 2.

Figure 2

Cutter reads the nodeids that are currently loaded by the users RenderMan_for_Maya.ini and allocates a value that does not conflict with any nodeids that are already "registered".

Figure 3

For example, figures 2 and 3 shows the CutrBBones.args nodeid has been changed from,

    <rfmdata nodeid="1053502" classification="rendernode/RenderMan/pattern"/>
    <rfmdata nodeid="1053509" classification="rendernode/RenderMan/pattern"/>

because 1053502 was already being used by another .args file. Cutter updates the RenderMan_for_Maya.ini as follows.

::RMS::LogMsg INFO "Loading nodeid:1053509 CutrBBones.args"
LoadExtension args [file join $projdir "RfM_ris/Args/CutrBBones.args"]

The LoadExtension text is based on the way the previous nodeid was "declared". For example, had the previous registration (CutrPetals.args) been specified as a full path the LoadExtension of the CutrBBones.args nodeid would be written as follows.

::RMS::LogMsg INFO "Loading nodeid:1053511 CutrPetals.args"
LoadExtension args "C:/Users/malcolm/Documents/maya/projects/RfM_ris/Args/CutrPetals.args"]
::RMS::LogMsg INFO "Loading nodeid:1053500 CutrBBones.args"
LoadExtension args "C:/Users/malcolm/Documents/maya/projects/RfM_ris/Args/CutrBBones.args"

Cutter will attempt to resolve duplicate nodeids but if it is unsuccessful an error message will be shown.

Figure 4

After the error dialog window has been OK'd Cutter will generate a report of the .args files that use the same nodeids. For example.

Figure 5

A similar "report" can be generated using the Rman Tool->Plugin menu.

Figure 5

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