Whats New - Version 6.5.0

July 30 2013

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Block Begin/End Hiliting

When the cursor is adjacent to the characters '<', '>', '(', ')', '{' or '}' Cutter will hilite the corresponding opening or closing block character.

Blocks of code can also be identified using the popup menu.

Figure 1

See Selecting Blocks of Code for more information.

Links to Pixar Documentation

With the release of RenderMan Pro-Server (RPS) version 18, Pixar no longer distributes the documentation for RPS and RenderMan Studio (RMS) as .zip archives. Instead, the documentation is available at,

The two fields "RPS index" and "RMS index" (figure 2) should be edited by the user so that "Help" (figure 3) and "QLinks" (figure 4) can access the appropriate Pixar documentation.

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Converting RSL functions to HyperShade

Cutter can now automatically convert a RSL function to a .h file that implements the function as a custom HyperShade node. For details refer to the tutorial Cutter: HyperShade Node Scripts

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