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HyperShade cutrVelvet Node

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    Cutter: HyperShade Node Scripts
    HyperShade node: cutrVelvet.h
    RSL function: Velvet.h


This page provides the source code for a node called cutrVelvet. It applies coloration to the edge of a curved surface based on the dot product of the viewing vector and the surface normal of an object. Refer to the tutorial, RSL: Edge Effects for basic information about the technique of using the dot product.

Figures 1 and 2 show a simple blobby surface shaded with RMSMatte. The edge coloration seen in figure 2 was produce by wiring the Surface Color parameter of RMSMatte to cutrVelvet (figure 3).

Figure 1 - plain shading

Figure 2 - fake edge effect

Figure 3

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