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Histograms displayed by digital cameras and applications such as PhotoShop offer a convenient way of judging the distribution of brightness in an image. The python code presented in lising 1 adds a new item to the Commands menu of 'it', figure 1, that will display a histogram of the current catalog image in a Chrome browser.

Figure 1

The Histogram command saves, in a directory named "histogram" in the users home folder, a web page and two images. After saving the files the Histogram command opens the web page using Chrome. For example, the histogram of the rendered image shown in figure 1 can be viewed here,

A histogram of the same image displayed by the PhotoShop's,
menu is shown next. The histogram generated by the Histogram python code will, in general, closely match Photoshop's "Levels" of the same image.

Figure 2

Adding the Histogram Command to "it"

Information on how to add the Histogram command to "it" can be found in,
    "Python "it" Scripting: Adding to the Commands Menu"
An example of how the command is automatically loaded by "it" can be also found in,
    "RfM: Customizing"

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